Ep 66: Supporting Students with Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder is a personal topic for Heather Campbell, who is a 4th-grade veteran teacher and coach. In addition to being a coach, Heather is a mom of 4 children, one of which has Sensory Processing Disorder.
Heather is passionate about sharing about SPD to help parents and teachers identify and support students who face the disorder. SPD is a neurological condition where a child’s body and brain misread signals they are receiving. As a result,  children will either overreact or under-react to their surroundings. 
There are seven different categories within Sensory Processing Disorder. It is important for educators to understand the differences between the seven categories and how we can provide comfort and support for students within each category. Sometimes, the most simple things can smooth the senses or stimulate the senses of a student with SPD.
While supporting students with SPD can seem intimidating, the first and most important step is understanding the child’s needs. Join us as Heather breaks down SPD in a very understandable and actionable way for educators.
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