3 Comforting Soups that Will Melt Away Teacher Stress

This time of year, everywhere you look in your school building, you can find snacks, candy and treats full of flavor but very little nutritional value. It is easy to feel teacher stress (plus holiday stress) and find yourself eating food you normally wouldn’t eat throughout the day. During this chilly time of year, soup can turn a stressed out teacher into a happy teacher in no time!

Give yourself the gift of a delicious and warm lunch this month by making a batch (or two) of soup on Sunday Evening and eat it all week long. Warning: If you have a spouse or children, make a double-batch, because the soup won’t stick around for long! These are hands-down my (and my family’s) favorite soups of all-time.

Photo Credit: Taste Better From Scratch


This soup is like heaven in a bowl. So creamy and delicious. It goes great with crunchy veggies or a side salad and is surprisingly filling. I love that Lauren over at Taste Better From Scratch gives you the option to make it in the slow cooker OR on the stovetop! Total Time: 40 minutes.


Veggies and comfort - Bring it on! This veggie soup packs a ton of flavor and the little warm nuggets of cheese tortellini add extra comfort. This soup actually freezes very well (I’ve tried it) so you could make a big batch, put it in small containers in the freezer and enjoy over the next month. Total Time: 25 minutes


This soup is SOOOOOO good. While I was making a batch on Monday, my husband Brian called from work to check in and say hello. I told him what I was making and he came home earlier than normal so he could DIG in. It is hearty and really fills you up and I love that you can adjust the spice to your liking. Hint: I use precooked bacon. Total Time: 30 minutes


I love soup for many reasons but here are a few…

  1. It introduces my children to new flavors and I can sneak in veggies too!

  2. It makes a flavorful and unexpected addition to a potluck (don’t forget the bowls). I made the creamy parmesan soup for my children’s teacher appreciation lunch and the teachers went nuts over it!

  3. I host a HUGE Valentines Day Party every year. My dear friend Matt told me that I have “Officially re-invented Valentine’s Day”. What a compliment! Cooking for 24 adults is a big task. I rotate through different menus but one year I did a soup bar and it was a massive hit! (see photo)

  4. Finally, soup is REALLY hard to mess up. It seems complicated but it really isn’t - give it a try and let me know how it goes.