3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Morning Routine

The time between your alarm going off in the morning and the first class bell can set the tone for the rest of your day. Being a teacher means you rise early and have less time to fit in a productive and healthy morning routine. Routine is KEY to keeping ourselves and our family sane during the hectic morning hours. Ask yourself these three questions to see how you can make things more calm and maybe even squeeze in a little self-care before you head off to school.

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What is working? We often forget to think about the things that are going well in our routines and instead focus on the stress of the things that aren’t going well. Make a list of what is going well for you and your family in the morning. Some examples may include:

My spouse preps breakfast at night so it is ready in the morning.

The kids sleep until I’m ready for work and then I wake them up.

I walk my dog the minute I wake up, instead of waiting until the last-minute.

The kids get a sticker on their sticker chart if everyone is waiting by the door when it is time to leave.

What isn’t working? Now make a list of what is NOT working in your home. Think about yourself and anyone else you are responsible for in your household. Examples may include:

My spouse sleeps in and doesn’t help.

The kids wake up early and I have no time to myself.

I sleep in later each day as the week goes on.

We can never find our shoes.

I forget to feed the dog.

What needs a system?

I’ve never been a person who loves routines - as a matter of fact, I have always found them boring and repetitive. Over time, I’ve realized that routines make me feel in control and helps me to anticipate bumps in the road. If you’re a parent or live with spouse or partner, your routines allow the members of your household to know what to expect from you and understand your expectations of them each morning.

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Now take a look at the list of the things that are working and not working? Do you have a system or routine in place? If somethings not working, try to put a routine or system around it. You naturally do this in your classroom, so find a way to build systems in your home that incorporate the entire family.

Take Time for Yourself

Don’t forget to make sure you are taking time for your own self-care as you plan out your morning! Taking care of yourself allows you to be at your best for your students and your family!

We have a self-care toolkit that has all the tools you need to ensure you have time for yourself each and everyday! Imagine a world where you have a minimum of 30 minutes of self-care each day. The Teacher Self-Care toolkit will transform your entire work week!

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