Carrie's Favorite Things: Morning Edition

We all have those mornings where we wake up feeling exhausted and rushed. It’s tough to start the day looking and feeling tired. On crazy mornings, it is tempting to throw your hair up, slip into a pair of comfy leggings and run out the door. For me, I know that the way I look and feel can set the mood for my entire day, including the amount of energy I have to give to others. If I feel frumpy, I act frumpy. Over the years, I’ve put a few essential tools in my morning toolkit that keep me leaving the house feeling fresh and energized.

Clearly, I have a small love affair with everything Origins. This Ginzing Energy Boosting Cream smells like a dream and is the perfect amount of moisture for a tired morning. It is super light and the impact is fast. The eye cream in this line is a treat I can usually find on sale (or in a gift set) around the holidays.

iT CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ has everything you could ask for no a busy morning. SPF50 + anti-aging Serum + tinted moisturizer = heaven. I absolutely love the how fast it goes on and quickly brightens up your face with the perfect amount of coverage. Feeling festive? Grab the Illumination line for an extra sparkle!

I’m frequently asked about my eye makeup on Instagram. The truth is, I never leave the house without eyeliner and mascara. It is a fast way to make my eyes pop and helps me look awake and put together. A lot of people are scared of liquid eyeliner, but I find this Tarte Maneater Liquid eyeliner to be super easy to use and it stays all day long. The self-sharpening pencil is great for a softer look and the mascara is fab. These three are in my makeup drawer at all times.

A pop of lip color can do wonders for a dreary morning! I have a Mac Patentpolis Lip Pencil in every bag and in my car. You can use the pencil lightly for a soft gloss or press a little hard for a full-on pigmented color (I love a good multi-taking tool). A lip color that combines the sheen of a gloss with the precision of a lip pencil - what more could you ask for?

Keep PEACE OF MIND® On-the-Spot Relief in your car (or better yet, in your desk) and dab a lit on your temples, back of your neck or earlobes for instant relief. You’ll feel a tingling sensation and then a sense of peace. I have these little hidden gems all over my house and office!