3 Ways Hello Fresh is Strengthening Our Family Bond

Weeknights in my house are jammed packed with activities. Between finishing up my work day, picking the kids up from school, tackling homework, eating dinner and getting everyone off to classes, rehearsals and practices, I am exhausted by 9 pm.


Like many families, my kids are busy and that is exactly the way they want their lives to be. Don’t get me wrong, they LOVE their downtime but they also LOVE to play sports, dance, learn musical instruments, attend coding classes and hangout with friends.

If you are a parent, you know that the 3 most stressful times of the day are before school, after school and bedtime. As my children get older, I’ve noticed that after school can be a time full of various emotions and they often take out their frustrations on each other. This year, I felt that their after school conversations were often turning into bickering and it was really starting to grind on me.

A good friend passed along a coupon to Hello Fresh and I decided to give the service a try. Two days a week, my kids come straight home from school, scrub their hands and sit at the kitchen island while I unpack the recipe of the day. Instead of everyone rushing through their homework and begging for screen time, the 3 of us spend 20-45 minutes in the kitchen cooking, chatting and eating in peace. Besides having help in the kitchen (yipppeeee), we’ve become closer as a family.

3 Ways Hello Fresh is Strengthening Our Family Bond

Less Bickering - The first thing we do is read through the recipe card, get out the supplies and confirm that we have all of the needed ingredients. As we go through this process, I assign jobs based on their skill level (yes, I was a teacher for 10 years). We quickly get to work chopping and sautéing and because their little hands and minds are so busy and they are so focused on their own jobs, they slowly start to decompress. That decompression turns into conversation about the highs and lows of the day. We talk through the exciting lessons, interesting friend situations and even tell a joke or two!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - If you went way back to when I started teaching in 2003, you would hear me saying the phrase teamwork makes the dream work and you will still hear it in my house 16 years later. My kids love owning their assigned part of each recipe and then seeing how their tasks contributes to final result of our meal. They are learning about new ingredients, asking me questions (are green onions really onions?) and laughing at their mistakes. Working together causes a lot of joy but the TRUE reward is when my husband walks through the door and the kids rush to tell him what we have made him for dinner.


My Phone Disappears - Let’s not pretend that this all about the kids. This is just as much about me and my need to decompress. I’ve always loved cooking (my grandparents started their own catering company) but preparing fun Hello Fresh meals with my kids also allows me to put my phone completely away (I’m very busy reading directions and monitoring the chopping) and I let go of the emails and phone calls I need to return. In most cases, I’m cooking a new recipe that I’ve never made before and I’m also super excited to get to the end result. I am 100 percent focused on my kids and the food.

Lately, I’ve been very aware of how fast my kids are growing up and it is pretty tough on me. I want to keep these kiddos in my home forever. Having fun recipe cards, cute little ingredient kits (have you seen the mini-packaging?) makes cooking with my kids a blast and something we all look forward to at the beginning of the week.

Since starting this new Hello Fresh routine, I appreciated that the first thing out of their mouth when I grab them from school is “What are we cooking tonight?” instead of “Can I have screen time?”.

Interested in giving Hello Fresh a try? You can use my coupon link for $40 off your first order (and I’ll get $20 to buy a meal for my family too)! Happy Cooking!