Behind the Teacher: Matt Halpern


Name: Matt Halpern

Nickname: halpey

If you were given $200 that you had to spend on yourself, what would you buy? A massage and dinner out.


Think about yourself at the age you are currently teaching. How would you describe yourself at that age? Quiet, shy, scared of the world.

Favorite self-care routine or ritual: Massage and yoga

Favorite Gift to give a fellow teacher: Coffee!

What is your favorite part of your classroom? Our carpet area where we gather, read, laugh, cry, learn, hug, and where most of the magic happens.

Do you remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning? Sometimes, but not the whole dream - usually just whatever happened right before I woke up.

Your own parents would say you are… Adorable.

Name 3 articles of clothing/accessories you wear the most: Corduroy pants, a hoodie, sneakers.


Favorite health/beauty product: Kombucha

Favorite grading pens: FLAIR!

3 snacks you couldn’t live without: RX bars, Cheez-its, pickles

If you could plan the perfect birthday meal for yourself, what would it be? Pizza and cake!

When you go to Starbucks, you order: a VENTI, always a venti

If you were not a teacher, you would be a writer!

People would be surprised to know… I do not drink alcohol.

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