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5 Reasons Teachers are the Perfect Fit for Corporate Jobs in EdTech

Most of you may know that the globally recognized term “EdTech” was coined as an abbreviation for “Education Technology” and at the very heart of EdTech companies is education. So, ask yourself these simple questions “Who knows education better than teachers?” Who understands the hard work it takes to authentically engage students, to successfully differentiate and to effectively personalize instruction better than a teacher? Who understands the daily challenges of being in the classroom and the resources/supports that, if offered, could save time and make life easier better than a teacher? It’s for these reasons (and many more) that the vision & voice of teachers (Just like you) are critical to the success of all EdTech companies. Don’t underestimate the power of understanding the daily work of being a teacher! During my 18 years in education and EdTech, my voice has been valued by many EdTech companies. Your voice can be heard too!

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