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Morning Meeting: Slowing Down to Speed Up

One year, I decided to drop morning meeting from my classroom. Honestly, I thought it was a tool better served for the primary classroom and I was starting to feel it was a waste of instructional time. I quickly learned  that morning meeting was one of the most important parts of my instructional day, even if I only spent 5 minutes setting the tone for the day's learning. The morning meeting is a great tool to bring a  class together as a cooperative and collaborative team.  

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Time is on Your Side: The Most Valuable Teacher Tool for Back to School

The last drop of hot glue is drying on your bulletin board, your classroom library is stocked with new titles and the back-to-school anticipation is running high. You've probably been spending days or weeks getting ready for a new class and it is finally time for the first day with your students. No matter how physically ready your classroom may or may not be, there is one element that cannot be ignored during the first days and weeks of school: TIME.

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