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Classroom to Boardroom:

Working for an Education Company

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lead professional development for McGraw-Hill, write lesson plans for Mystery Science or help Discovery Education reach more teachers and students? Education Companies love to hire teachers to fill key roles within their companies, but it can be confusing for teachers to know how to find jobs and if they are qualified for roles within education companies.

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After completing the e2e Classroom to Boardroom Module

you will have a clear understanding of the major differences between working for a school district vs. an education company. You'll know the various types of roles available for former teachers and understand how to evaluate roles to see if they are the right fit for you.


Learn from a Leader in the Industry

Learn what it is like to transition from teaching to working for a company from someone who has actually made the transition successfully herself.  Carrie Conover (founder of e2e) transitioned from 10 years in the classroom to a successful career working for 3 various education companies. Carrie has spent 8 years in ed tech, working for a startup, a large education corporation and now as the founder of e2e.

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Part One:  Learn the difference between working at an education company and a school district.

In the first training, you will learn the various departments within an education company and how they are similar and different from roles within a school district. We then dive into the the various roles, job responsibilities, salary and work-life balance. 

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Part Two: Learn a SIX step system to find and evaluate jobs within the education industry.

In the second half of the training, we will teach you the best places to find jobs within the education industry, including remote positions that allow you to work from anywhere in the country. 

Once you know how to locate the best jobs in the industry, we will teach you how to evaluate the job to make sure it is the right-fit for your skill set. Our 6-step system will leave you feeling confident that you are applying for the best-fit jobs for you.

Hint: Most people under estimate their skill set and leave incredible job opportunities on the table.
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Part Three: Explore the e2e Job Board

Carrie personally curates the best positions available for former teachers and updates the e2e job board weekly. This job board is exclusive to Classroom to Boardroom students only.


Part Four: Explore the Resource Library

Explore the e2e Resource Library, full of exclusive interviews with teachers who have transitioned into various roles at education companies. Learn the key Do's and Don'ts of interviewing for your first role as well as how to smoothly transition into your first role.

You will complete Classroom to Boardroom knowing the various types of education companies and with the confidence to apply for roles within each company.

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I had the pleasure of working with Carrie at my first job at eSpark Learning, where her ambition and passion for education inspired me to continue my career in the EdTech industry. Since working together at eSpark four years ago, Carrie and I have kept in touch and she continues to give me strong encouragement and relevant advice on various career opportunities within the EdTech industry. She is very well-connected and has introduced to me many contacts and resources, all which have helped me navigate my career path and solidify my transition from education consulting to account management at Discovery Education. I consider myself very lucky to not only have worked with Carrie but to call her a good friend and mentor.

-Catherine Patterson, Account Manager at Discovery Education


Carrie this module was amazing! So informative!

-KH, teacher from Atlanta


Thank you so much for offering this course! As an experienced teacher, I have felt guilty for wanting more. I’m ready for a new challenge in this field!

-ALB, teacher in San Diego 


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