e2e Learning Module:

Building a Teacher Brand on Instagram

Have you always wanted to start a teacher Instagram account but unsure how to get started and produce content that will attract followers? This module will teach you the basics to creating a cohesive brand on Instagram.

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The Why

Spend time exploring the WHY behind building a  teacher Instagram account. Once you find your WHY, we give you the tools to build a cohesive story that will keep teachers coming back for more.

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The What

Once you know your why, we teach you exactly WHAT content to share on your Instagram to define your brand and tell your story. Your streamlined content will keep followers in tune with your message and attract new followers.

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The How

Should you pay for a logo? Do you need brand colors? Which pictures should you post and when? Learn how to create a cohesive look that attracts your ideal followers to put you well on your way to 10K followers.

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The Who

Collaboration is KEY to growing a well-loved teacher account. Not sure how to connect and grow with other teachers on IG? We teach you how to form supportive relationships all while growing more followers.

By the end of this module you will...

  • Understand the importance of clarifying your WHY behind your brand and your Instagram
  • Create an eye-catching and cohesive profile picture, name and description
  • Have a branded palette of colors that will keep your feed and products appealing to the eye
  • Understand how to use various tools to create branded posts and content
  • Know how to use hashtags to optimize exposure and followers
  • Understand the pros and cons to growing an Instagram account, including how to keep a healthy balance while growing a brand
  • Become part of an e2e sponsored engagement group
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Session 1: Your Why

The Why Behind Instagram

Who are You?

Profile Name

Profile Image

Profile Description

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Session 2: A Cohesive Feed

Revisiting the Why Behind Instagram

Building a Cohesive Look

Picking Brand Colors


Photos and Posts

Tools of the Trade

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Session 3: How Often, When and What You Should Post on IG

How often to Post

When to Post

What IG data tells us about teacher usage

Filters on your photos

Sharing Other People's Content

Appreciate Your Followers

Sending Direct Messages

e2e Engagement Groups

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Session 4: Hashtags, Highlights, Logos and more

Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags

How many? What type? Why?

Customize Your Own Hashtags

Create Highlight Images

IG Stories: MUST-DO strategy for Stories

What's the deal with logos?


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All The Tools You Need To Build an Engaged and Loyal Instagram Following

Carrie Conover (e2e Founder) and Heather Campbell (e2e Community Manager) teach you step-by-step how they build a loyal and engaged Instagram following. No fluff - the real tools that actually work and help you finally build a cohesive brand.



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