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Student Engagement

Student engagement is at the core of a healthy, happy classroom. The student engagement module is full of presentations on how to keep your students fully bought-in from the first days of school until the last.

Examples presentations include Transform Education from Average to AWESOME (Monica Genta), 5 Ways Metacognition Strategies Can Be Used To Spark Meaningful Discussions in the Classroom (Bridget Pearsall) and Whole Brain Teaching - Beginner Session (Heidi Martin).

Classroom Management

Classroom Management is at the core of our e2e Video Library. Teachers often leave their university studies feeling uneasy about managing a classroom. In our Classroom Management Module, you’ll here tips for first-year teachers to veteran teachers. Practical and proven, you won’t regret spending time hearing from teachers such as Megan DuVarney Forbes (above).

Teacher Self-Care

Get REAL tips from real teachers on how they keep balance in their life as a teacher. From working out to meal-prep to beating the teacher blues, e2e presenters openly and honestly share strategies that work for themselves and their colleagues.

Including all students

e2e values the perspective and experiences of all teachers from across the globe. Making sure that all students feel valued in the classroom is core to our beliefs at educators 2 educators. Presenters like Gary Gray Jr. share their knowledge and resources with the e2e community to insure educators know best-practice for including all students in the learning environment.

Teacher career and entrepreneurship

Are you looking to start a podcast, blog, TpT store or side hustle? e2e will support your dreams and help you with step-by-step tutorials and advice from industry experts.

Games in the Classroom

Every month, e2e focuses on a theme and will send gentle weekly reminders to take advantage of your e2e Membership. In October 2019, members learned about using Games in the Classroom.

And so much more…