How are You Feeling? Teacher Mood and the Classroom Environment

a professional development by Carrie Conover

This PD was really helpful. I appreciated that you took the time to say ‘I know you’re going to want to apply this to the classroom, but do this exercise for yourself first.
— Chicago Public School Teacher
One of the best PD’s we’ve had so far! Everything was applicable and REAL.
— Chicago Public School Teacher

Teaching is a rewarding yet exhausting career. Between keeping up with your growing to-do list, surprise evaluations and communicating with parents, it is very easy to feel discouraged or exhausted. Despite it being hard, you still show up every day to support and nurture your students into responsible, thriving adults. But what about you? How are you feeling? Are you paying close attention to your own mental health and happiness?

Lately, we have been hearing a lot about teacher self-care. What does teacher self-care mean? How can we care for ourselves mentally and continue to stay positive in our day-to-day life?

Carrie Conover, a veteran Chicago Public School teacher turned entrepreneur and motivational speaker, provides a professional development that not only addresses our mood as teachers but also practical tools teachers can use in their personal and professional life.

During the professional development session, we will:

  • reflect on our mood/feelings from the previous work week

  • understand how our feelings impact our mood, actions and results over time

  • discuss how our mood impacts student motivation

  • practice shifting our thinking to produce better results over time

  • understand how modeling our own feelings and mood-shifting can lead to social-emotional growth in our students

This professional development session focus on teacher mental wellness and is aimed at providing support and practical tools for teachers. It is fun, practical and engaging!

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Meet Carrie

Carrie Conover is the founder of educators 2 educators (e2e) provides high-quality, teacher-created professional development to educators across the nation. We help teachers grow and connect with an expansive community of educators through original content, webinars, podcasts, online courses and conferences, all created for teachers by teachers.

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